Plaschkes Engineering - Medication Reminders | Medi-Memo - HMDS – Hospital Medication Dispensing System (Patent Pending)


An automatic computer controlled medication dispense system for hospital and nursing homes (patients and elderly people).

The HMDS interfaces and communicates with various relevant hospital data bases (patients, nurses, doctors).

It records doctor's prescriptions for up to 80 patients in any given hospital ward, and the prescribed medication later (semi-automatically) loaded into the system.

Once all prescribed medications are loaded into the HMDS, it is then used to distribute and dispense the medications to the patients.

All users (patients, nurses, doctors) are personally identified by the system by means of a bar-code reader, a fingerprint detector\reader and a close-up picture, therefore, assuring safe and error free process\operation of dispensing the right medications to the right patients, only when it is needed to be taken.

All actions are stored and analyzed for historical and statistics, providing hospital staff members with all the required information related to the health and welfare of the patients.