Plaschkes Engineering - Fitness Performance Analyzer


For fitness clubs, centers and private home fitness equipment, the system assists and instructs users in real time while exercising.

It generates visual and audio messages of what to do, how to perform any specific exercise and how to better and increase the effectiveness of the user's fitness training.

The system also helps preventing injuries and physical damages.

The F.P.A consists of Remote Terminal Units (RTU's) each is mechanically and electronically connected to wide variety of fitness equipment "on the floor".

A central computer is the heart of the system, acting as analyzer, a fitness programs "bank" and a communication center.

Each RTU wirelessly communicates with the central computer, receiving appropriate personal fitness program and transmitting back real time actual exercise data created by the actual user's actions\performance.

The data is generated using set of sensors connected on the fitness equipment.

The FPA sets up nominal performance targets and displays the actual real time fitness performance, as well as providing audio and visual assisting information to the user.

It also navigates the users to the next available fitness equipment "on the floor", therefore, reducing waiting time between one exercise to another.


It also can be networked between chain of fitness clubs\centers, and provide the users with statistical and historical performance data wherever the exercise takes place.

The F.P.A comes in two versions, one which allows the user to enter operate it with a 4 digit password, while the other identifies the user by means of fingerprint.