Plaschkes Engineering - Automatic Infusion Monitor


The system contains an electronic device which is mechanically attached to a drip chamber of an infusion set, a fingerprint + barcode handset, a warning buzzer and an infusion terminal computer\monitor.

It detects drops dripping from the infusion bag into the drip chamber.

Based on manually pre-set parameters by the nurse (patient name, volume of infusion bag, rate of drops per minute), the device communicates wirelessly with a ward office terminal to signal data such as:


·         Time to replace infusion bag

·         Time to disconnect infusion from the patient

·         Attention warnings – Programmable by the nurse, based on percent of completion of the fluid prior to becoming empty, as well as number of minutes before the infusion bag is empty

·         No dripping of drops into the drip chamber

·         The rate of dripping is outside a manually preprogrammed tolerance

·         I.D # of patient


The system contains a terminal having a monitor, which displays a two dimensional matrix (similar to a chess board squares) showing the fluid level (percent), time to empty (minutes), 3 different background colors signifying the status of the infusion bag.


The data is also transmitted wirelessly to the nurse's cellular phone as well as being stored for historical and statistical purposes and records.


The system contains fingerprint and barcode handset to identify patients and down\up load data from\to the device and the terminal records.




Automatic Infusion Monitor

Automatic Infusion Monitor