Plaschkes Engineering - Miniagara


This is manual and remote control programmable water\juice pouring device, from a bottle into a cup.
It is battery operated small portable device, specifically designed to allow the user to pre-program the amount of water\juice planned for drinking as well as the desired time for pouring.

The device has a built-in 4 glass of water\juice levels that can be operated manually by selecting the corresponding pushbutton, or can be wirelessly control (optional feature) by a cellular phone, remotely determining the desired amount of water\juice to be poured into the glass as well as the actual desired time of pouring.
It sends audio\visual informative messages to the user, indicating the amount of water\juice left in the bottle as well as cup not in place, and also the desired time and amount of water\juice programmed to be poured into the glass.
The bottle can be very easily replaced and\or refilled with water\juice as well as placing\replacing the flow control unit on it.
The device dynamically keeps a lowest center of gravity to assure stability and ease of operation, as well as providing audio\visual friendly informative messages to the user, automatically directing him\her what to do. 


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