Plaschkes Engineering - Automation & Interactive |


Based on extensive professional experience, we design, build and supply tailor made automatic computer controlled machinery per customer request\need.

It is basically divided into two prime categories, one being Industrial Automation (automatic assembly and production equipment), while the other being Interactive devices\systems utilized as entertainment, advertisement and marketing tools.

We provide our customers with Turn-Key projects, to meet their needs on the production\assembly lines.

A typical Turn-Key project consists of the following steps\stages:

·         A project manager and a project chief engineer are assigned. Both meet and work with the customer to set up and design the principal process (Technically, Logistically and financially).

·         A technical specification is established (Provided by the customer, or designed by our staff and approved by the customer).

·         A working program\plan is generated to meet the customer's satisfactory and time table.

·         A conduct of set\series of design reviews to assure proper progress and satisfactory accomplishment of the required tasks.

·         Design\Engineering process to meet the Tech. specification.

·         Documentation of all project's activities and compiling set of manuals.

·         Purchasing all required system components, with special attention on long lead items (L.L.I).

·         Manufacturing and assembly of the project components\parts

·         Building a prototype model (if so agreed and required).

·         Testing activities (Both on prototype and on final project)