Plaschkes Engineering - Renewable Energies


With the recent global trend of inverting Solar and Wind energies to electricity, we provide off and on-grid systems to wide variety of customers, from as small as private home systems to solar and wind parks (Residential and commercial, roof mounted or ground mounted).

We offer complete Turn-Key installations all the way from paperwork and permits to maintenance and service plans designed to meet energy needs and budgets.

We are a full service designer and installer of wind turbine and photovoltaic solar systems. We are dedicated are dedicated to provide clean, safe and energy efficient power through cutting edge renewable energy systems designed for environmentally and financially conscious customers.

Each system is designed and built to customer's satisfaction on one side and the local electrical authorities on the other side, complying with all the local regulations as well as getting all necessary engineering approvals while meeting required quality standards.

Each project is carried out by the following milestones:

·         Design per site (Surveying the topography, location, environmental conditions, direction toward the sun, wind power density and direction over-time, desired electrical energy generation, given budget and more)

·         Design, manufacturing and installation of structures (Aluminum or galvanized metal) and required infrastructures

·          Providing all necessary equipment (PV Solar panels, Wind turbines, Wind towers and poles and DC to AC inverters)

·         Wiring and connecting all electrical cables and connections, as well as designing and building required electrical cabinets.

·         Integration and testing the entire set of functions, to customer and electrical authorities approvals, to be followed by connecting the system to the grid.

Over the years, we gained international experience in establishing Solar\Wind energy systems and parks, starting from Off-Grid local systems to On-Grid regional projects.