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In today’s high demands for careful city planning, meeting the needs of wide variety of populations, industries, transportation etc., the need for 3D Bird View Mini-City is increasing.

City leaders (Planners, approval committees, Civil Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Architects, Education & Tourists) must provide answers to various aspects such as city expansion & development, city improvements & upgrading and city maintenance.

The concept of such project is to provide city leaders and their professional associates a “tool” and system that assist in “seeing” and understanding the over-ground and underground layers (infrastructure) of a city to improve and fasten the progress of the following:

• Civil planning projects
• Building approvals
• Maintenance operations
• Traffic & Transportation
• Communication & Telephony
• Safety & Health
• Leisure & Quality of life

Having a physical 3D Bird View scale down Mini-City, by means of a large area “table”, increases the field of view and perspective of the problem to be solved.

For example, in 1:500 scale down city model, an area of 10 Km long by 5 Km wide, is scaled down to 20 meters by 10 meters “city table”(200 square meters).

This allows for wide panoramic field of view of the entire city (or part of), understanding its regions, neighborhoods, industrial zones, future development areas, natural areas, public areas and all other data for decision makers.

The entire “city table” is designed as “Chess Board” fashion, it's divided into 100X100 cm cells, which are basically small square tables, which could be rolled out\away\aside from the matrix for specific off-line meetings.

The various layers are selected according to city needs and customer definition, among many other, are the following layers:

• City topography
• Residential, Industrial
• Streets, underground train system & highway
• Infrastructure – Electricity (Low & High voltage)
• Infrastructure – Sewage
• Infrastructure – Water
• Infrastructure – Communication
• Infrastructure – Gas
• Zoning, property & land division status

Each layer is represented as “one plate” on the table, allowing for 3D through view capability.

The bottom layer is lit & bright to allow visual perspective of the entire “set of plates\layers”. 

The project incorporates a movable bridge, whereby, users stand\sit on it to view and discuss city matters while “seeing” the city from above.