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In today’s competitive environment, the statement “Do it right first” and “Single cycle solution” get more meaningful than ever before.

Often design and management teams operate in ways that do not assure effective and efficient design process, resulting in over-budget problems and\or improper designs that do not provide solutions to the required marketing specifications.

We give our customers answers to these exact situations. We do this by joining design teams in technical management, operational management, process management and consultation.

The following are just some aspects which are applicable in the consultation:

·         Generation of technical specifications to meet marketing demands

·         Life cycle cost of the designed project

·         Configuration freeze point

·         Cheap \ Fast \ Good – Pick 3 out of 3

o        and more…

Our customers find it crucial to have an “outside eye” looking into technical management and operations to ensure expected and planned results.

We do just this by participating as integral team members, as consultants, while not behaving as “the bad guys”.




Plaschkes Technical Project consultations


Plaschkes Technical Project consultations Plaschkes Technical Project consultations