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For large scale projects, often company managements form & nominate task forces to study documents, evaluate large amount of data, and communicate with relevant external authorities as well as with various internal disciplines within the organization, all in order to:

·         Generate & publish tenders

·         Submit quotations per requests

·         Generate Product’s technical specification documents.

·         Evaluate published tenders

These tasks require investing resources (manpower, money, energy) which in many cases are not available due to:

·         Professional staff are busy with other projects

·         Insufficient experience of staff members in submission of quotations to tenders

·         Lack of specific knowhow relevant to tender’s requirements

·         Lack of time\money\experience to investigate matters and communicate with external authorities

When given an opportunity by customers to play a role in any of the above tasks, we take upon ourselves to organize, evaluate, compile and generate all required set of documents enabling our customers to fulfill & execute it.

We do this by assigning professional staff, specifically selected for each unique task, to actively prepare all required and agreed documentations. This enables our customers to fulfill their aims and objectives when it comes to both:

·         Competing to win tenders

·         Publish tenders

·         Generate various product specification documents (technical, marketing etc.)




Plaschkes Tenders & Tech. Specifications Plaschkes Tenders & Tech. Specifications