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A flash light pointing down avoids from falling down. A flash light pointing forward leads to confidence”.

Potential private investors, venture capitals and commercial companies looking to invest in projects\products\companies, utilize a process of due-diligence as part of making a decision prior to execute an investment.

The Due-Diligence process comes as a tool to research, evaluate and quantify the matter being offered in various aspects such as:

·         The organization that seeks investment (valuation, reputation, prior experience)

·         The product\project\services (Technical, marketing, sales, logistics)

·         The management team

·         Technological barriers

·         Financials

·         Risk management and analysis of the investment

·         Alternatives and options

·         Business models

We marked on our flag to “turn on the flash light and point forward” for our customers.

We evaluate\assist and provide all required and agreed information and analysis on the matter being offered, so our customers are able to conclude and make educated and calculated decisions relating to investment.





Plaschkes - Project's\operation Due-diligences



Plaschkes - Project's\operation Due-diligences